On-site Guarding

We offer on-site guarding services with selected and trained security officers performing surveillance services tailored to the needs of medium-sized and large businesses.

Mobile Guarding

Our highly trained security personnel are equipped with mobile units to provide comprehensive security coverage wherever you need it.We offer proactive patrols, rapid response times and effective security meseasures to ensure safety.

Remote Guarding

We use advanced technology to monitor your premises remotely and respond to any security incidents in real time with 24/7 surveillance.

Access Solutions

Control who can enter your premises.We provide key cards, biometric scans and keypad entry systems.

Alarm Systems

Get alerted to emergencies by our systems sensors that detect unauthorized entry, motion or smoke.


Our high tech buzzers provide an audible alert when someone presses a button or activates a sensor.

Security Cameras

High-definition video , night vision and remote access allowing our customers to monitor their property from anywhere around the globe.

Intercom Systems

Have control over who enters your property while maintaining clear and effective communication.